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About Handphone in Japan

Nowadays mobile phones are no longer considered a luxury but a requirement of goods that are considered mandatory to have. Japan which incidentally is the developed countries, the ownership rate is very high HP (Hand Phone) could even say almost everyone has it. There are enough interesting things to say about HP in the country, you might not know and could learn more in the article below.


Very different to the situation in Indonesia where Hp purchased freely, without any requirement and also without any age restrictions. But if we have money anyone can buy it and sell it when it's not needed. But in Japan, apply very different rules. All of HP in the country should not be sold freely within the meaning can only be purchased at an authorized agent as well as to have required a number of specific requirements, fill out some forms, bank book and not miss the identity card such as SIM card or other ID. Likewise, the Sim card or voucher card her, generally sold in a package along with Hp it or not sold separately.

Most are Post Paid
Then from the payment system, most of Hp in the country are using the postpaid so similar to a home telephone, the bill is calculated according to the final purchase amount of pulses used. Whether in Japan does not recognize a prepaid system or vouchers? Of course there is, but the system is less popular in the country. Besides, not much different from buying Hp, vouchers are also not sold its interest-free and almost equal terms with post-paid vouchers. Generally, vouchers and cards hp engine sold in a package or in other words, not sold separately, except when they want to replace the HP model.

Otherwise there is a very special, it looks like almost no Japanese people who are interested in Hp such vouchers. This also means an agent or store which sells vouchers Hp hardly common in the country.

No Free Substitute for the Card
  In Japan to buy Hand phone identical by choosing the provider. Provider is the name of the company operating the telephone network operator Hp such as Indosat, Satelindo Telkomsel or if in Indonesia. Unlike the case in Indonesia which has many operators and a variety of its Sim card products, in Japan the condition is much simpler because there are only 3 companies Sim card provider as well as 3 course that is, NTT DoCoMo, KDDI and Softbank AU.

If it is assumed if the provider is a kind of SIM card, then the most important steps when you first buy Hp in Japan is choosing vouching card. Once we have chosen to use the card then we are most likely beyond using the card (read: providers) are the same. Why? Because the provider does not serve only as a selling agent limited to cards, but also serves as a place to sell Hp itself (read: Hp and sim cards sold one package) and one unique card provider to another provider can not be exchanged. DoCoMo Sim card for example, HP is also need to DoCoMo and can only be purchased at DoCoMo's official counter, as well as with other providers. Of course the system is a little confusing because we generally know about the sim card is replaced free and installed on another HP. All Hp marketed in Japan, by the provider is sold in a locked position so practical can only use SIM Card from the same provider. Replacement sim card slot on the HP in Japan is located slightly recessed and not very easy to install removable, because it is designed not to mutually exchange the card. Besides, since most of use postpaid then generally from the first Hp Hp purchased until the turn of the next due to damage or change the model, the card voucher will continue to stick in place. Then if we dare try to install the card belongs to another provider then the signal will not be readable at all even on a particular HP model can only be limited to on / off alone without being able to go into any menu. 

Brand is the Last Option.  

There are various brands of  can be selected such as Sharp, Panasonic, Toshiba, NEC, Samsung, Nokia, Casio and Kyocera etc.. Each provider generally has its own design and HP models are not found on any other provider. One thing interesting is some of the popular brands like Hp Balckberry example even less popular in the country. One reason may be because Blacbery considered to be less compact due to the relatively large size and has lots of buttons which are relatively rare lettered alphabet they use. 
So from a little explanation on the reader might be able to get a picture of HP systems in Japan that is only recognized three voucher card (sim card) and 3 types of machines namely Hp DoCoMo, Softbank and AU. So the standard questions like "Do you wear Hp what?" then the answer is certainly not the HP brand, but one of the 3 provider name earlier. 

Tied Sales Contract 

As is well known that Hp in Japan has not been easy because it requires a lot of rules and requirements. In addition to filling a number of forms, bank accounts and insurers also have other additional rules are required to sign a contract for a certain time which is usually a minimum of two years.
Why should be bound by the contract? Of course since the providers do not want to lose. They usually sell hp with low price (subsidy) but takes advantage of the monthly toll paid by the customer. Party providers will suffer losses if the customer stops in the middle of the road. So this is the purpose of the rules of the contract. Contract and form filling only applies once the time to buy (subscription) mob first. As for when buying the next Hp due to damage or replace the new model, the contract is not required anymore but just enough to write a simple form. What happens if if the user stops subscribing before the contract runs out? Of course there are a number of penalties we pay. What if not stopped in the middle of the road without a report? Of course this is foolish as it is used telephone or not, your bank account will still be deducted each month by the provider. At first glance looks complicated and expensive, but this system also has a number of advantages of one of them is to narrow the space for criminals because all numbers can be traced ownership Hp. Hp theft also become very common because almost unusable. And another advantage is the price of HP being cheap, the price can be paid in installments or even to a particular type can be obtained almost for free. 

Mail and SMS

Hp in Japan knows two ways to send short messages ie SMS and Mail. From both methods, the Mail seems far more popular. This is because the SMS messages have a limitation which can only be used between users the same provider. So all of HP in Japan, in addition to having a telephone number also must have a mail address. In other words, even though we know the numbers Hp someone, without knowing the address of the mail message will not be sent. How to send and receipt the same as regular SMS, the difference is just numbers Hp as the address, mail address is replaced with. This system has shortcomings as well have an edge. With this mail system, messages can be sent not just limited to letters and numbers only. His name also mail, means we can also add a message with a variety of symbols, emotion or image. In addition, short messages can be sent or received is not limited by Hp alone, but can also via telephone or personal computer. Even when you are abroad though, as long as there is the Internet network, the message can be sent quickly and cheaply. Mail on Hp can be recognized easily because they always have the last name of one of the three existing providers. Examples: for users providers DoCoMo and Softbank for providers and so on. Mail address can also be replaced or modified at any time if deemed necessary as to avoid spam messages for example. Because all HP can also be used to access the internet then the mail can also be sent by way of such standards through yahoo for example. But this way is of course a little more expensive because it must connect to the internet first.
Hand Phone Cheap and Free! This is probably part of an exciting and awaited by many readers. As in almost all other developed countries, the price of an HP is usually pretty cheap indeed, they often can be obtained free of charge. Of course this rule applies only to HP models only who are usually older models. But although the old model, not at all be called old and cheap, because at least still small and thin and at least have a camera facility, video, and can be used for internet connection. Hp latest models with various facilities such as TV, games, touch screen, internet and various other latest facilities of course expensive. However, as expensive as the high prices of electronic goods in Japan is still counted cheap because it is "subsidized" by the provider and pembayaraanya also relatively easy because it can be gradually and charged at each end of the month bills. For free Hp mentioned above, often leading to misunderstanding of some of my colleagues because we assume can be taken for granted. Once again, HP in Japan with Telphone house so without subscribing or registering a free Hp certainly will not be able to take home for granted. So a helmet similar to the case for free if you buy a motorcycle.

Hand Phone and Pulse in Japan
Generally the price of an HP in the country, especially to new models more or less equal to the price in Indonesia. Then for the pulse rates that averaged probably about 10 yen (USD 1,000) per 30 seconds .. Average Japanese person, for standard usage (the extent necessary) will generally pay about 5000 yen (USD 500,000) per month. But if Hp stuck in ears day and night, yes of course 500 thousand dollars will run out in just a few days.
Since most HP in the country is post-pay calculations pulse becomes less complicated and varied. Toll to be paid by different groups such as students with a general class of pulses. Likewise for beginners different customers with old customers. Someone who faithfully use the same provider for long periods of time will usually get the pulse of special rates with discount up to 30%. Then there jugaprovider which applies to 24-hour toll-free telephone between families, disount at certain hours, free sms, etc. between the same provider. While the pulse on a prepaid card is the same so do not know the difference or exception.
Most Japanese people will remain loyal to one provider. Moving the provider would mean starting again from scratch, is considered a new customer it means more expensive pulse rates and can not take advantage of other facilities like those of old customers in the place before.

HP Japan Can Used in Indonesia? (and vice versa) HP Japan in Indonesia ?
This is the most interesting and most frequently asked questions. If Hp is Hp special in the sense of the initial purchase to use International, used in Indonesia but the bills are paid in Japan, obviously there is no problem at all sema. Of course we do not discuss this type of HP, but HP standard (in terms of Hp Japan) with Indonesia cards.
In general, the answer can not, this is because all the Hp which is marketed in Japan is in a state in the "Lock" or locked by the provider can only be practically used in Japan alone. But wait, the answer above is the standard answer. Stay left on akhlinya then presto, things are almost as litter in our state, it can function normally like other Hp. Unlock prices of services it is approximately 400an thousand dollars by one mob. Regarding the place or unlock services, please check yourself in at the engine google. But that little note is not all hp can be unlocked to be limited only to certain models only.

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