Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AntiLaser, Future Computer Technology

Laser technology, 'obsolete' 50-year-old is now plural is used in a variety of devices, ranging from CDs to the pointer used for presentations. Now, the technology is facing his opponent, namely Antilaser.

Antilaser device will be able to catch and cancel the laser beam is emitted.

Though such devices might be only suitable for science fiction films, but in the real world, the most possible use of technology antilaser is in the computer world, especially optical drives.

"Looking ahead, the workings of this device is like a laser emitting in reverse," said Stone, as quoted from Phbeta, July 30, 2011.

Although lasers require electrical energy and emit light in a fairly narrow frequency band, Antilaser created to take the laser beam and transforming them into heat energy. However, this energy can also be converted into electrical energy.

Conventional lasers, which was discovered in 1960, using the so-called 'medium gain' such as the semiconductor material to create a focused beam of light waves.

The researchers created a device that uses silicon as the absorber 'media loss' which captures light waves that would make it bounced until they are converted into heat.

And although the technology found researchers looked interesting, Antilaser they make are not intended as a protective laser. This is a way to absorb the laser. In contrast to a laser gun that if he used to kill, the laser beam will still kill the target.

According to the researchers, the most likely to use its technology is in the computer field. High performance computers of the future will have a hybrid chip. Instead of having chips with transistors and silicon, future computers will use electrical energy and light, "according to the researchers.

They said the device with Antilaser can also be used as an optical switch that can be lit on and off whenever desired.

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