About Me!

Hi everybody !

First and foremost I’m here to help you! The primary way that I’m able to do that is by writing on the different article, blogging, tips, inspiration and motivation related topics that you and I both face on a daily basis, things like how to get more traffic, or how to grow your fan page, how to make money online, and so much more. I also offer blog critiques and other consulting services on my 'Contact' page. Contact me anyway from the email submission box on my 'Contact' page and I’m sure to answer your question. And i also i'll make sure to take care of you.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed”
~ Napoleon Hill

My Vision:

My vision is to develop a bit my knowledge in the field of blogging, and also to project his articles that I know and I like, as well as building the spirit, talents, and abilities in the form of inspiration and motivation to live and work.

About Me:

I’m a part time Blogger, because i was educated at public universities, University of Indonesia in Jakarta majoring in electrical engineering (although I am a woman, but I am happy in engineering .. hahaa) ..
other than that I am also active in the dance studio 'Sanggarwati Dance' and also at a certain time I attended a fashion show and photo model.
You can see another specific about me at my profile

Favorite Quote: “History shall be kind to me, for I intend to write it” ~ Sir Winston Churchill

I’ve had 6 true passions in my lifetime so far.
1. school
2. As a dancer in Sanggarwati Dance
3. Freelance for fashion show even
4. Reading and Learning
5. I like swim
6. Exploring life and what it has to offer

Random Facts about Me:

“Random List of Things I’ve actually Done, I have a list of 100 things to do before I die.”

- Want a world gold medal in swim competition
- Worked for 36 hours straight (on this site)
- Driven 120 MPH (with my sweet jazz)
- Swim across the sea
- Travelling around the world. I like Venice
- Been on the front of a newspaper (for swimming across the sea)
- Dive to 230 feet (if i can..hihii)
- Skydive (just a few times)
- Save someone’s life
- Be a supermodels !
- i want to stop crying if my father angry me...if i can..:(
- Just it.....

These are just a few of the random things I’ve done, and I share them here to give you a deeper insight into who I am, and what I’m about. I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay here, and I hope you return often, if you do please say hello in the comments section and I’m sure to reply.

Your friend

Fenny Frienzi

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