Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Operation of Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Fabrication


Process and Enriched nuclear fuel Fabrication

In general the uranium enriched in the process by means of diffusion of gases, environmental radioactivity pollution sources comes from a leak of uranium hexafluorida. If the surrounding circumstances will occur such as hidrofluorida acid, a corrosive and can damage the glass. In this case the greater pollution danger is its chemical contamination (hexafluorida acid) instead of uraniumnya pollution, since the nature of hexafluorida acid irritation is very high.
In the process of fabrication of nuclear fuel, such as rolling, extruding, machining, the source of contamination is generally derived from powder oxida fuel. At the time of burning metal, uranium and plutonium could have come out in the form of dust or metal powder oxida.

The Operation Of Nuclear Reactors

For nuclear reactors in operation will occur in fission reactions are fuelled and produces the radioisotope-radioisotopic basil cleavage can escape into the air. The radioisotope-radioisotopic include Xenon, Krypton, Iodine and Bromine. Xenon and Krypton gas-shaped, while Iodine and Bromine in the form of volatile materials. If the reactor is operating with a fuel that is defective (cracked), then in addition to the nuclides, a hemisphere results will come out will come out anyway
Uranium and Plutonium.

For the reactor which uses heavy water as moderatornya it will be much encountered Tritium on the air around her. On the homogeneous reactor, a reactor fuel and moderatornya are in a single solution, then the material above fission basil will be directly released from fuel. In a heterogeneous reactor, which is the primary coolant can be air, water or molten metal, then fission materials can be detached into the primary coolant. Reactor primary coolant with air, the main contaminants is Ar41. In addition, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Neon in the air may be able to be activated by neutrons from radioactive.

In normal operation dust that has been activated and also basil fissile materials will be caught and cleaned up the other as necessary by special filters before it is exhaled out through the chimney. If all goes well nuclear reactor equipment and all work procedures keep nuclear reactors in operation at the time, actually do not need to worry about the problem of environmental radioactivity pollution by nuclear reactors.

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