Thursday, July 14, 2011

Malignant Viruses Infected EXE Extention !


The latest statistics from the data obtained from SurfRight stating not all antivirus has the same abilities, even the computer remains infected.
SurfRight collects data from 7 different types of antivirus. Of 100,000 users who run the antivirus for 55 days it turns out that Antivirus does not protect your computer as a whole.

From 107.435 the computer, the number of 37.989 number of infected computers (35%), computer (64%) 69.537 successfully cleared.
To update the antivirus managed to handle the 78.828 computer (73%).
Without updates, remains infected with a 28.607 computer (27%). Using antivirus, remains infected with the 25.038 computer (32%)
. Computers without anti-virus remains infected 13.002 (46%).
32% where the computer using antivirus apparently remain infected with a virus.
A new computer virus infects almost 75,000 computers known to belong to the Organization are at 2,500 around the world. This Data is expressed by security firm NetWitness computers and the internet. This computer infections also penetrated into the social networking site accounts belonging to the user's computer. Latest Virus named ' Kneber Botnet ' is collecting password to access the financial system, online social networking website and email systems from HP smua virus computer and report the information gets to the hacker.
Botnet is ' the ' infected computers controlled by hackers who can remotely through a computer center.

This type of attack was first discovered in January. Further investigation undertaken other internet security firm, revealed there are many Government and commercial systems are affected by this attack, including 72,000 login data and access to the email system, the online banking sites, Yahoo, Hotmail and social networks like Facebook.

Protection against the virus presumably is not enough conventional way to ward off attacks by other virus types or Kneber is more sophisticated.
Because of the recession, which happened not long ago, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in the United States has closed many banks that fail. Until mid-December 2009, a total of 140 banks have been shut down by FDIC.

Well, since the number of media coverage regarding news, spammers (junk message sender), leverage the opportunity of this situation to their advantage.
One action is by sending the message hoax claiming that the bank mentioned and believed to be the bank You have announced kebangkrutannya.
"When the user clicks a link on the writings of ' learn how to save money ', the Trojan will attempt to install the .PDF itself into the PC".
To that end, Symantec recommends users to check the trusted news source as well as the legitimate authority of the Finance Web site to ascertain if the banks had genuinely taken over by the Government. "With the existence of this example, the spammers are constantly looking for ways to increase the chance that their messages are opened by the user.

Still remember MacGyver movie action, which often makes a sophisticated though only with simple equipment. It also seems that occurs with virus Yahoo Messenger, even though the diracik with a programming language (VB Script) which is considered one eye but be deadly viruses.
According to analyst virus from Vaksincom, this is a generic virus known as W32/VBTroj. CEPA and the de Facto become the most vicious virus and most disturbing in early 2011. The Virus is able to do many things such as installing rootkits, to block network access and manipulate the Windows hosts file so that it could do the blocking of access to the websites of the securities on the victim computer.
And more sophisticated, the hosts file in enkrip to avoid detection by antivirus programs and improvements.

This Virus will also be doing blocks access to several security sites or other sites that have been determined by means of redirecting to IP number which is a public ip, it is indirectly causing Ddos against the actual site.
Whether or not there is a connection with the attacks against Google in China which resulted in Google considering left? We see it. Obviously, the more computers that are infected by this virus, then access (which is indirectly causing Ddos) against the original site of Google will be higher.

This Virus spreads very rapidly by leveraging media chat commonly used by the user such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger and Skype by sending a message and attach the link to download a file which was engineered as if the image file (JPG) but is actually a virus that is already compressed file with a different size on the tegantung Variant that infect your computer. As for a compressed file that has the extension .exe.

If you receive the message shouldn't You thank let alone run the included file while the contact's Messenger friend who you know, it's not your friend send you a virus infecting virus but his computer and make use of the account Messengernya.
One of the things that cause the virus was successfully spread in addition to using the media mentioned above, it will also update to renew itself. This causes the antivirus scanner does not detect the virus.

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