Thursday, July 14, 2011

Write for People !


How friends measure the success of the blog? As bloggers, we're too busy managing the visitor stats, pagerank, alexa rank, income from Adsense, Chitika, Amazon affiliate, e-book or various other things that we consider metrics. Blog do exist in cyberspace. Because it's only natural if we measure performancenya by comparing it with facilities that exist in the virtual world.

But we need to remember, that reading blogs is a real person. Although maybe the effect is not sedahsyat traffic from Google search, but recommendations from people more personal. People find our blog from Google may only be read once. But not necessarily will return to our blog again. Recommendations of friends will be synchronized, and very likely will be a loyal reader of our blog. Suppose your friends want to see the movie, who has more friends believe? Recommendation of a friend or from a Google search?

Write for the people, because that is going to read is a real person, not the Google bots will be rating the site friends in search results. Supposing that time I wrote a blog to catch Google ranking, copas from various sources, it was their response that met my time would be different. Agree?

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