Monday, July 18, 2011

Nuclear Energy


Nuclear power in terms of the core language actually means, and in this case refers to the core of the atom.

How far humans know nukes?

So far the new man knowing the nuclear of protons and neutrons, protons and neutrons is also composed of several much smaller particles called quarks. Rather ribet also if explained all the theories about the core disini, but in short human beings there are still many questions concerning the essence and the core could be bound as to why the core styles starting from the same type of cargo. But it's not that no theory about it, and talks about strong bonds in the core is still open for us.

Are there any benefits from knowledge about nuclear?

Already dozens of years humans utilize the potential energy that is produced by fission reaction (fission) nucleus of uranium and plutonium. This discovery also came from the coba-cobanya scientists firing neutrons into the core to getting a new core, but in some of the core weight it causes the core to be split (split) as well as releasing other neutron give rise to consequences of heat around him. The heat is then extracted by placing these reactions in the water, the hot water was harnessed to drive a turbine. For the turbinnya is almost the same with a steam power plant. However, in addition to the heat drawn off neutrons, it is also used for many things, such as to measure the dimensions of a substance, to mutate so that plants obtained superior seeds and so on.

Are there any other results from fission?

Besides fission reaction also leaves the elements or radioactive decay (emitting alpha particles, beta and gamma rays) in a very long period of time, even millions of years. The resulting radiation is harmless to humans, because humans can mutate randomly. Many mutations cause the growth of cancer or human organ dysfunction. This radiation causes terrible things only in certain doses. This radiation is not can not be controlled, good handling of garbage-trash the rest fission will prevent us from things that are not desired. User countries nuclear energy currently also was looking for a good place for burying nuclear waste is to be spared from humans and things who can dirusaknya.

Is there any reaction other than fission core?

Fission isn't the only reaction that occurs in the nucleus. Fusion has the prospect of a more promising. But its utility is still relatively difficult. Fusion reaction is the reaction to the arrival of two nuclei into one. In this new process has a core mass loss of the two core constructors, this turned into a mass loss of energy. Currently the core of which is often in the fusikan are isotopes of hydrogen, hydrogen has a neutron in its nucleus. For those who've seen the movie spiderman 2 VS Dr Octopus, we can see the fusion method using laser pressure. Fusion didn't leave radioactive elements, and otomotasi relatively safer. And more material for this reaction is very very many on this earth. But yet again due to lack of human understanding of the core limiting us to its utility.

Currently the new humankind thermo method to implement a nuclear fusion reaction, and using the latest laser technology. But all of them are still in the trial size. If people are really able to make the reactor like the one in the movie Iron Man, then we will be apart from the name of an energy crisis.

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