Monday, July 18, 2011

How The Boomerang Can Move Back ?


One of the weapons most old and weird ever developed by humans is a boomerang. The word "Boomerang" comes from a tribe in New South Wales, who had named it so long time ago.
Although Boomerang was hardly more than a crooked stick, Boomerang has been confusing the sciences for many years. No one can seem to explain why such a move in the boomerang. Boomerang used by wild tribes in Australia, in North-Eastern Africa, and in southern India and by Indians Hopi in Arizona.

There are two types of Boomerang: who can go back and that can not be returned. Backfires were not able to return more heavy, and almost in a straight form. This Boomerang-like weapon more deadly than the boomerang that can be returned. Supposedly a natives can toss it and cut out a small animals almost into two with the boomerang.

Boomerang can return more known to the world. But residents-native Australia regard it mainly as a toy rather than a real weapon. Sometimes backfires it can be used to kill the birds.
Boomerang made of hardwood and bent at an angle of 90 degrees and 120 degrees. One side flat and the other round. Tangkai-tangkainya coiled slightly in the opposite direction, so that both the stem angled approximately 2 degrees from the fields are pulled through the center of the boomerang. The air pressure on the bulge of the rounded sides, along with the loops that are formed when the boomerang is thrown, which makes a swirling and back.

Indigenous wild in Australia can throw the boomerang banked in a way that is amazing. They can Boomerang throwing them so that it will move straight as far as 30 yards, make a circle with a diameter of 50 yards, and then back to the pitcher. Or they can make it hit the ground, spinning in the air, and back.
A boomerang is thrown up at the front by rotating the wrist towards the bottom. Boomerang can move as far as 400 feet before returning.

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