Thursday, July 14, 2011

5 Concentration for The Creation of The Post List


This technique may have been quite common for the bloggers, making a list about how and how blogging and traffic visitors.
There are some important things behind as much traffic. Start of the process of creating such a list post until finally post list it directly on the links by some great blogs and websites, and eventually gained significant traffic.

1. Connection

Almost all the work will produce better if we collaborate or collaborate with others. 100 tips that I arrange short list is not. I myself write dozens of tips, but certainly more impressive than the number 100.

Finally I decided to contact several great blogs that I follow. I explain my goals, and ask if they have a few tips a mainstay for inclusion. I will be reviewing a bit, then linked to their original posts. Not all responded, but there is. A reply to their generally are frequently exchanged comments on the blog each, connected on Twitter, facebook, or LinkedIn. In the real world, we know the CCN. In the virtual world, this also applies. But remember, don't side harmed!

This is a win-win-win solution. I benefitted and helped by the addition of such content. The blog owners will be benefited with paired link on my blog. From the side of SEO and visitor, they would gain an advantage. While the visitor mine, they will obtain a list of high quality and complete. That loss? There is no!

2. Hard Work

Post list actually is the easiest type of post, especially if just merefer to another post. Of course we still have a little thought to add a review of our own. But it's not as hard as if we had to write one's own bombastic writing.

The bottom line, if we want to get a lot visitor, it takes thought and hard work. For even the easiest writing though.

Try lah stacking a post list of 100 items. Make it your best posts, and see how the effort required to organize them.

3. Collaboration

These are still related to no. 1. So I finished the post list and mempublishnya, I sent an email back to the blogger that I link posting.

Surely the purpose originally made polite behaviour. I asked for help to the material of the writing, it certainly makes sense if I inform I've done and say thank you.

But it turns out there's a side effect of such emails. Overnight, my post is linked by them, some of the existing senior blog famous first. And finally some forums and other sites are also linked to it! Of course, the edges of my traffic increased dramatically. They themselves also benefited because the more popular my writing, then they will get traffic from it. Win-Win!

4. Disseminate Information

Lessons from No. 3. are we need to inform the others. Rely on search engines? Nonsense. For long-term OK lah. But the page that can show up on Google if you rank high. For beginners, please please! Even for my blog already have PR 4, how much traffic from Google? No. 10! For access to the archives of the old, Google is indeed OK. But if new posts are ' hot ' ... we have to find another way.

5. The Existence

The last of these lessons, is the importance of existence. We can only try to send the information to other bloggers. Promote via Twitter or facebook. Digg, StumbleUpon … call it all.

The thing is, if we just write new posts, one to two times the number of status update Twitter ... we can not expect much. If our writing, they'll say "Sapa n?". If somewhat bagusan little, lest thought copas. The existence of matter. Associate's in some of the social network. The effect may be different for each blog. In the United Kingdom speaking blog, Twitter is the king. While in Indonesia-language blog, facebook is more dominant. Of course when we've existed, the chain effects of a post will be even greater.

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