Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Jet Lag Phenomenon


Jet lag is often associated with symptoms after travelling with remote services. However, if these symptoms do not arise after flight away, to consider other causes, among other things due to electromagnetic radiation. There is a possibility after the use of electronic equipment using the microwave oven, cooking, using a cell phone for a long time.

Jet lag is a sense of discomfort at the time of air travel and long perceived as an excellent fatigue, disorientation, concentration decreases, difficult sleeping (insomnia), and anxiety. Other symptoms that may arise among others not appetite (anorexia), weakness, headache, dizziness, blurred vision. This disorder is an overview of the long-haul flights that pass through the time zones, resulting in daily activity rhythms become chaotic.

The factors that influence the onset of jet lag can be a factor that is individualized, common factors as well as specific. Individual factors, including age, among others, General conditions of health, tolerance of change readiness, travelled far and mental-emotional condition. Common factors, among others, noisy, vibration, humidity as well as the same sitting position continuously, can influence the onset of jet lag.

Whereas the specific factors which is the duration of the flight, arrival and climate change and culture in the place of destination, may affect the jet lag. This Problem will be more severe if there is stress prior to travel, in a rush at the moment of departure, lack of sleep during the trip, most alcoholic beverages and smoking.
Research conducted by presiding over (2003) on the population that resides under the extra High Voltage Air Channels (SUTET) 500 kV, showing that the population has experienced a similar grievances experienced by someone who's just doing remote Aviation (jet lag). One estimate, due to a decrease in the levels of of the hormone melatonin, due to electromagnetic radiation. Now various complaints are often associated with the hormone melatonin.

The theory of melatonin, one of which is expected to explain why many of these disorders can arise. As suggested by Petrie (1993), that the electromagnetic radiation, can cause jet lag.

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