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Business and Employee


Whoever we are, if the employee remains the only surely will continue to feel the ice skate across ketidakbebasan to grab a great income. If they have no shame and responsibility on themselves, their families and Lord shortcut justify any means taken to achieve a higher revenue, corruption. on the one hand if you want to get out of the companies still need thinking thousands of times. Then, how can we get additional income without having left behind the status of employees?

Salaried employees are double or even more, why not? employees so the boss, why not? is not a disgrace if an employee having salary double or even more, is not a disgrace an employee can be the boss on the outside of the company where he worked. If employees take advantage of the facilities Office for personal affairs including business, it shall be said of disgrace (unless the companies allow employees to use the facility Office for personal gain, including fair dealing).

Many people began to build its business but still refused to abandon its status as an employee of an Office. Many are successful, but many also failed. How to become one of those who made it?

Of course You've heard many suggestions that if someone wants to be an entrepreneur, then begin the effort before he quit his job now. Indeed, this is good advice, but it's actually not that easy to run it.

First, the person must be good at dividing the time between work and building a business. Generally, because it is bound to hours of work and a commitment to work in the Office, he only had a little time to think about his business.

But if the target is to be pure pembisnis, then he should be able to build his business seriously so that later he could pay the cost of living day to day.

Second, he certainly did not want a business that is being built is known to his superiors. This is of course due to each employee does not want to be branded as employees who are not dedicated or committed against a high company.

Therefore, the regulation is important for those who want to start a business while still being an employee is do not carry or working on your business in the Office.

Indeed the temptation of facilities in the Office could just get someone interested in doing business in spare time in the Office, but the privacy in the Office which cannot be guaranteed to be so even endangering its status as an employee.

Then, what steps to take in order for an employee can keep pioneered her efforts? Deborah a. Bailey, author of "Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life", providing that tips.

Find the time or date is right to do business in full or full time.

Try making a realistic target, does it mean to try to set a date that is convenient for yourself and believe in a set time could handle the business well.

Check disbursements

How big is the funds needed to build the business as well as costs incurred for personal needs. Those who are pioneering career must be able to reduce expenses. The reason, if you later he decided to quit the job while business spending has not established then the matter will be a big problem.

Begin to pay credit card bills

Prepare plans for bill-paying credit card bills. Prepare budget plans also to business development.

Preparing for the self-employed

If a business is planned more done at home and without colleagues or Assistant, be prepared to work alone. Prepare a work network or networks as well as friendship in order to be useful later when the business has been running completely.

Make a mission or target to be achieved in the business

The Target can be made in the form of a business plan or a business mission statement. The essential contents pertaining to the core of the business and why do the business. Bear in mind that chooses to do business is not just simply a desire to not work on others but knowing what he is and will be in the business.

Keep your business keep running

What if leave work immediately is not a priority? What if the jobs in offices and businesses or business side want to run simultaneously? Bailey gave advice as follows.

Create quota

Clients in the business could have asked for more time, but the priority remains the work of the Office. A person who chooses to divide the work between employees and employers should be able to say in his client that he had limited time to deal with business. Stay tuned to prioritize work than was later fired from his job for not being able to work well.

Be careful in using social media.

Be careful if you want to promote your business online because it could be the company to check the activity of employees in the online world. If the business carried out in the same field with a regular job, then avoid competing directly in the online world.

Do not be tempted scatter income

Have a business sideline it is definitely going to give you an extra income every month. However, do not then create additional income it push to enlarge the expenditure per month. No use if earnings increase but expenses for things that are not priorities also add up. Better money was used to develop the business.

Consciously or not every day a treasure we have tended to decline in value due to inflation that continues to menggerogot so that any increase in the amount of salary we were never enough especially if the disease is always consumer within menghinggap. If you see a tabunganpun yet how and tend to be drained by either disease earlier or even by a gunsmith to claim our property aliases broken ATM.

It cannot be denied if the employees do business must be a need for more energy and strategies that should be OK in the arrange all work activities and businesses. Of course, an employee will start at the expense of labor time and money to make a business that is being set up can be a business empire that is sturdy before deciding to focus on his own business. Extra time in the work is not a part time inevitably must be realized by an employee in the pioneering business. extra, because the working time of 8 hours until 5 pm in the Office belonged to someone else if it was used at least one hour during a break (too little time). then, inevitably the time outside the hours that business activities was built.

To mensiasati the time and effort an employee can delegate its business to the severity and remain in control of a new business empire he built, only a few at the expense of the Fund.

A lot of business opportunities that can be performed by an employee, among other things:

1. business pulse;

Business pulse is one opportunity that is easy to run by an employee. An employee can take advantage of self by registering the mobile telephone to the mobile telephone business pulsa elektrik. Many are free for registration, an employee is only required to deposit the corresponding ability of Financials. Next live offered to co-workers or sanak-keluarga, but be careful a lot offer business pulse in the form of "network" which only as camouflage business because the bottom line is not doing business pulse but doing business network or sell memberships only.

2. Agency;

Many opportunities Agency offered just look at some of the tabloid business with only 200 thousand to 500 thousand US agents could become one of the product as an agent and distributor of unique Sandals products, herbal medicines, books, and so on.

3. MLM;

Not a few people are upset and traumatized if hearing MLM. For employees who have little difficulty in the presentation or recruiting even sell special products should in retrospect many times to become a member one of MLM.

4. Freelance;

An employee can take a job outside of the time it works. Selling skills possessed such as teaching, becoming a trainer or tutor, design, and much more.

5. online stores;

Just buy a domain and hosting plus is looking for distributors or make his own product then sell via the internet. If you do not have the ability to create an online store can be outsourcekan only to other people for all devices that are associated with the website and the internet. Invite the cooperation of those who understand the world of internet and online stores.

6. Franchaise and partnerships;

All systems and products have been prepared by the owner of frainchaise and franchaisee (who took franchaise) live running system and promotion. Many franchaise or partnership that only requires little capital kok.

Frequently-often read the tabloid business and business or searching on the internet-related business opportunities and run!

Riding position is indeed enjoyable for almost everyone. However, behind it, the new boss, former employees should be able to set the style of leadership in order to set the first child was a collaborator.

In the economic conditions are likely to be stable, You could be getting a promotion there used to be you have cherished dream. The new Office would certainly please you.

However, a new position that also means that You should be able to communicate well with his colleagues, especially colleagues who will directly be subordinate.

Why is communication important? Therefore, the success of leadership lies in the ability of the supervisor to build positive working relationships with his subjects.

The supervisor should also be able to take the authority and decisions of the firm, has a clear mission to subordinates were able to work well. Of course not easy to build good communication, and firmly to the subordinate who used is your coworkers.

Robert Half International concocted some strategies to help You or anyone who wants to build communication with both as new boss.

Meet with fruit

This is the agenda of the first you have to do. Try doing a meeting four eye to each child's fruit and make sure that they understand some of the things that become your goal in leading them.

Some of the things that you should emphasize and they have to understand is his role in the Department that You hold, including the responsibility they have to carry.

This directive should be carried out because it could be that there is a change in the Department that you now face. In addition, please provide Your expectations expectations for them. Suppose you want a copywriter to be more proactive in conducting a survey for the benefit of the new campaign.
You can also ask for the most experienced staff to take more responsibility.

Understand the subordinates

Not only convey the hope, as boss, you should also try to identify the character of each child and understand it. This is important so that You can help them show the best power without having to feel depressed.

In addition, give them the opportunity to submit views or feedback for the good of the Department that You are leading. Ask them also to give the solution to the problem could be solved together.

Create quota

Because You were once within a single level with subordinates You are now, You have to start thinking about Your relationship with those restrictions. Ask yourself, would you still can get out and have fun with them after the home work? If You can still joked with them as it used to be?

Indeed, there is no standard answer to this, but one thing is clear, You should be able to create restrictions between superiors and subordinates. For example, if the past is still a vassal, you often complain to co-workers about the boss or company policy.

However, it is now because you are part of the management team, then you shouldn't be doing it again. If there is a problem, then you have to menyikapinya wisely, for example by giving spirit, guides, and convince the subordinates that everything would be controlled.

Don't have kids gold

One of your coworkers may is a close friend or Your best friend. However, as a boss, You should be able to treat every staff with equally and concern which is also the same.

If You only give certain tasks to one or more of your favorite staff, it can cause jealousy. You could also be considered neglect of talents which belonged to other staff.

After all your job as the supervisor makes every subordinate work with high productivity and each have a workload that is appropriate.

Be assertive if necessary

Some of the subordinate could just ignore your commands or late finish his work. If this happens, You have to be assertive in them.

Ask why they behave like that. If you think the reason is less strong, you should reconfirm their duties. In fact, for the subordinate may already you know many many years, you have to stay firmly in order to not cause jealousy of other staff.

It also became the test for your credibility as a leader to be able to guide all employees accomplish common goals.

Search guidance

No matter how great you are, You should still consult with people who had been occupying the position as you. Ask those who managed to motivate and encourage his men to achieve common goals, how the measures to be able to successfully communicate and guide staff.

All you have to remember, a supervisor or Manager is your first step towards the peak of his career. So, do not let Your work as a supervisor for the first time rated poorly by management companies.

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