Monday, July 18, 2011

What is The Sitemap ?


f your website is relatively small (less than 10 pages), then the Home page can function more effectively as the Sitemap page (web map). If You have a website that is large enough, then it is sometimes difficult to use and if You later really need a Sitemap page, undue this page only contains a link to another web page.
The Sitemap page serves as an index to your website and it is very important for the following reasons:

-Help Google to search and explore the other pages on the website quickly.
-To help visitors to find what they need quickly.
-Help Your website's PageRank distribution to other important pages.

The sitemap page consists of two types, namely:

1. the html Sitemap
The Sitemap is intended for visitors of your website to facilitate the search for the article.
2. xml Sitemap
The Sitemap can be submitted to Google in order to facilitate the indexing of the pages on your website.

The Sitemap is generally only lists articles given the link. So to make it your own is not too difficult. But many Sitemap Generator a lot of that stuff. Some of the Sitemap Generator will create a sitemap page and automatically update the contents of every new article you post. However there is also a Sitemap Generator that just makes the page sitemap, but does not automatically update the contents.

Usually like it requires us to make use of the refresh feature is provided for the mengupdatenya.
As for the sitemap xml, we have to refresh to update the contents. If You want you can find Sitemap Generator which automatically for both types of Sitemap (html and xml) above.

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