Monday, July 18, 2011

What Is The Quicksand ?


Human beings are afraid of the quicksand (Quicksand) since centuries. Quicksand is considered to have a mysterious power to suck their victims until they vanished. In fact, quicksand has no such power. And the reality is if You know what it is and how to deal with it, quicksand won't hurt you at all.

Whether it's quicksand?

Quicksand is a lightweight and loose sand mixed with water. His appearance is no different with the usual sand may be right next to it. But it makes a difference, quicksand won't be able to withstand heavy loads.
Usually the quicksand appeared near the mouth of big river and on the flat beaches where there is a layer of hard clay underneath. Water will be collected in the sand, because the clay underneath holding the water not to seep. This water can be derived from a variety of different places, such as the flow of rivers or ponds.

Grain quicksand in contrast to the usual sand grains, because its shape is round and not bersiku-angled or conical. The water was between the grain so that separate sand and lifting it, so it tends to float one above the other. This makes them unable to withstand the solid object.

Some of the quicksand had not even made of sand. Can consist of a mixture of sand, soft soil with mud, or a type of mud of gravel.
People who step up to the top of quicksand doesn't sink disappeared from view. Due to quicksand containing liquid very much, it allows people to float higher than in the water.

The most important thing is to move slowly in the quicksand. This will give the body time to float. Once this happens, quicksand is just the same with water when You swim.

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