Monday, July 18, 2011

Laser Technology


What is Laser?

The word "laser" is formed from the first letter of the word science. The first two letters are an acronym for Light Amplification (amplifier light). The letter "s", "e", and "r" stands for Stimulated Emission of Radiation (radiation emission or very stimulated). However, whether the notion of a laser beam? How a laser can be formed?

Lasers amplify light

Laser light beams can take on the weak and makes it a powerful beam. Some laser produces files that are very strong so it can burn a small hole in a piece of iron in less than one second.
A laser beam can reach distances through space without a spread and become weak. Therefore, the laser beam is becoming an important communication tool in communicating in times of outer space.
Many uses of lasers are found in medicine, science, and industry.

Scientists consider the light as a wave that moves. The distance from the skin of a wave to the next skin is called the wavelength. The light from the Sun or of the lamp is a mixture of many wavelengths. Each different wavelength produces a different colour.

Laser beam made of light which are all composed of the same wave length.
Light beam in ordinary light flowing in a different direction. A laser beam moving in exactly the same direction. Laser light does not spread and not weakened.
All light in the laser are in step. That is, the skin is lined with a beam of light from all other rays crust. When the light is in step like this, light braced each other. That is why a laser beam is very strong. Laser beam originates in the laser tools from a weak light beam have the same wavelength with the rays.

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