Friday, August 5, 2011

Currency Conversion With Google Search


Want to know how the currency conversion easy on the internet?
To improve the functionality of its search engine services, Google has a variety of new tools present to its users so far. One of the newest tools that will be integrated into its search engine service is a currency conversion tool that can display the conversion rate against the currencies of its consumer needs.
Accordingly, Google is now working to improve the concept associated with the currency conversion tool to be integrated into existing Google Search service.

Where as before, you will only be presented with information about currency conversion rates that you are looking for it. But with the existence of this new tool, you will be presented with a more specific search results and significantly more complete than ever before.

First of all you will be presented with information in the form of conversion rate chart history to see the movement of the two currency fluctuations from one another in recent years.

In addition, you also presented a field (textfield) that can be used to fill in the number of units of currency you want to edit without doing new searches and even to change the currency displayed though.

To obtain answers to display the conversion rate or this latest conversion tool, you must perform a query relating to the subject concerned.

For example, the query is inputted is "1 EUR USD" chances are you will not get specific information from the currency you are looking for, where as if the query is inputted is "1 EUR" only then you will be able to obtain specific information from the currency rate you're looking for.
Meanwhile, quite interesting, if you search for "currency converter", then this new tool is automatically populated with the current conversion rate between USD and EUR. And this is reportedly only applies to those that are now in the United States and use the search engine

The new tool is quite useful because it allows not only changes the amount you want to convert, but also the currency you use to simplify the task through a few checks at the same time.
How do you think? Are you already doing?

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