Saturday, August 6, 2011

Are You Consistent ?

Consistency is one of the biggest contributors to our successes in all aspects of our life regardless of whether it was business, blogging, or body building and without it we still be stumbling from one goal to the next with no reliable progress.

If I write a blog post listing out 101 ways to drive traffic to your blog and you then spend your time trying to implement all of them in the course of a month or two, you’ll make some great progress and definitely increase your traffic, but what if you instead focused your attentions on just a handful of the methods on a consistent basis over the course of… forever?

This consistency will take you a lot further than if you just give it short bursts of effort toward your goal. It’s by developing the habit of doing something that we can truly start to make effortless gains in any aspect of our life. I say effortless, but it’s most likely even better than that, here let me explain.

Whenever we do something consistently we then develop a habit for that particular task, or function. Habits, the good ones at least can be great for helping people make tremendous gains towards something. Let’s take someone looking to get into better shape, and who’s chosen running as their method to accomplish it.

Even if they can only run a total of five minutes a day in the beginning, but add just 1 minute each day they continue to run, they’ll be running an easy 35 minutes daily at the end of the month, and will also be in the habit of running. This is where the true power and gains will start to accumulate. Habits can be powerful tools if used correctly.

Some questions to ask ourself:

- Do we write consistently?
- Do we post on our blog consistently? (not the same as writing)
- Are we posting at the same time each day?
- Are we constantly expanding our knowledge on your chosen topic?
- Are we link building consistently?
- Are we consistently improving our blog, or business?

These are just a few questions we might ask, and if we aren’t there might be room to add these to our daily routine so that they too can become habits. (good ones).
And so, what about your opinion ? Have some comment ? Please write to me. I really need suggestion from everybody.

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  1. Yeah consistency is one of the most important ingredients to success but we often struggle to maintain it. I am struggling to be consistent on my guitar lessons but I am fighting to make it consistent because that is the only way.

    Zero Dramas

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