Saturday, July 23, 2011

' Write ' Is Like As A Chef Cooking


Writing activities, either as a hobby or profession, could we ibaratkan as a chef to make dishes. Tasty, delicious and high taste bercita cuisine, or whether Depending kepiawaian Cook in meracik as well as cultivate concocted and Marinades traditional cuisine.
Basic ingredients of our cuisine will be served, in a writing, a theme that will be appointed, revealed, elaborated, pictured, and narrated (what else?) on the paper.

Traditional spices, essentially in the form of accumulated experience based on the stories that experienced yourself, other people's stories that we see and observe, the story is heard from other people. And the sharpness of thought from the results of sports intellectual property (of the discussions, seminars, symposia, workshops and others) as well as deposition results readings or libraries that are consumed.
Such is the case in writing, sometimes we need to reference the readings. Cooking was so, sometimes we need a cookbook.
Whereas the technical writing, can we say with our way of holding the tools of cooking and cuisine that we memdemontrasikan when sports in a furnace. In the short or long cooking process – long or short posts – depending on the raw material we will though. Cultivate cuisine from fresh fish is certainly the basic ingredients for a bit.

In contrast to when we cultivate ' bamboo shoots ' (bamboo saplings) that take a long time. The writing could be long or short, in addition to the question of mood, is also a matter of the availability of key materials to be processed so that cuisine.
Before serving the dish didn't forget that processed Aloe tasting of our own, is it really already tasty and delicious or not? Typically, the tasty and delicious dishes for us it can be so tasty and delicious did for others. Tasting dishes that, also to check out the lack of special seasoning dishes will be served. Or to detect lest cuisine it is too salty or too spicy.

In writing, we certainly don't expect it too salty dishes, mostly because of salt that makes people furious (swearing at yourself). Or too spicy chilli mostly because that makes people face flushed. Throw the harsh criticism of a dish that is too spicy pengibaratan that should be avoided. Because sooner or later, our cuisine menus that shunned person.
Based on the pengibaratan writing as well as when we made the dish, then each article of each individual that has the characteristics and peculiarities of each. The core problem lies in the Marinades (secret) that each author's personal!

The more a person has a supply of spices – let alone have a secret seasoning – abundant cuisine at the kitchen cupboards poured his thoughts, can already be writing delicious traditional cuisine and uh will have high taste.
That is why there are people who have particular expertise ', ' say a professor at the University, his writings are difficult to digest other people, monotonous, bland and too scientific because of the traditional seasoning is very limited. Instead of a question can't write. Very able. However limited in scientific journals discussing the special discipline of investments. Not for public konsomsi as it does on this blog.

Next question media presents cuisine we have though of it. We can menghidangkannya at home to try and when consumed as well as the perceived among family or wedding gift contamination. It could also invite the neighbors near or distant neighbor. This we ibaratkan we serve in a personal blog.
The food menu can also proklamirkan its existence in a US restaurant strategically. In a print media or notable blogs and websites. In order for other people who we know are near or past the tares in front of a restaurant that would stop by to try our cuisine.

As befits a restaurant, cuisines menu starts the fame factor and the beginning of the talk-mouth (' pounding tular ') people near to ever eat the menu we are delicious and high sense of bercita it. A growing number of restaurants it visited people because of a special menu was served, gradually people then the tares also curious and want to try it out and become his regular customers.
Of course to maintain a restaurant regulars, in addition we maintain the quality of the cuisine and service to satisfy customers, who have to do is to increase the supply of spices cuisine to meet our kitchen cupboards.

As of this writing, the ultimate lightweight which should not be forgotten as well so that our cuisine it is reaching out to more people to try and when consumed, provide all the promotional budget. In cyberspace, we can do in various ways and techniques. Among other things: write comments diblog or post on a mailing list that we follow while you specify the link to the new cuisine of our sport, sending messages or writing on the wall or any name in that kind of friendship site Facebook, Friendster, MySpace and so on by attaching the link eh cuisine of our writing.

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