Saturday, July 23, 2011

Google Plus Sight On Celebrities ?


Google seems to be his new social networking was known among Hollywood celebrities. At the age of three weeks since its launch, Google + rumored plans to recruit celebrities.

As quoted from the CNN page, as the beginning of Google is planning to build a verification system that can identify celebrities who signed up for a Google account +. This validation process is performed to prevent any one replicate (impersonating) celebrities.

According to Brett Schulte, social media consultant from Hollywood Celebrity Tweet House, the verification process will resemble the stamp "Verified Account" that has been used Twitter.

Google is still looking for appropriate verification methods. One of the methods to be used Google for verification, according to Schulte, among others, asking celebrities send photocopies of a DRIVER'S LICENSE via fax to Google.

In addition, Google will also draw up a list of agents and consultants who can send a verification request directly. "They (Google +) are excited to have celebrities," said Schulte.

In 2008, Google launched a program of experiments in the United States that allows people to validate their identity in his Google profile. The system will check the person's name and phone number, and then asked to mention the PIN code when contacted. After validation is complete, there will be a sign of "verification" in a profile that performs validation.

Stamp "Verified Accounts" on Twitter today indeed has become a symbol of social status of a celebrity. Brett Schulte himself claimed to have helped a number of celebrities get verification seal it, among them George Michael.

However, a Google spokesperson denied the matter of the plan of recruiting Hollywood celebrities. "Google has yet to provide detailed information about Google's future plans," according to Google spokesman description when CNN confirmed. "We still have plans to add a number of features and functionality to be added to Google +."

One of the features of the plan will be added to Google + is "business profile", to the company account. Google is still looking for a verification method for the profile of the company.

Hmm,, its not bad.

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