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When The Human Battled The Fuel Crisis Facing


FUEL is the most strategic commodity in this modern era. When ' he ' has just been known since the onset of a massive revolution in industry and thinking in the 19th century. In addition to successfully change the face of the earth being the traditional expanse teeming with buildings of skyscrapers, the revolution has also jacked up the position of the FUEL into a commodity world economy Summit. Even those often called BBM as ' black gold '.


The modern world will never move without fuel. Reliance world will FUEL make arid countries in Africa and the Arabian peninsula (as a major producer of oil) into a very well respected Western countries.

At the time of Ottoman Turkey, the Eastern-Central has not been known at all, except as a place of pilgrimage of some major religions. Even when it's a lot of people underestimate the descent of the prophets. In the first half of the 20th century, many oil fields were discovered in the region. After two atomic bombs tore awesome vitalnya cities, Japan rise with automotive production. It also requires that FUEL interests, so that more and more kokohlah the position of the countries of the desert at the scene of the world economy. Just a little tinkering with the oil masters that oil prices, almost all countries in the world is affected.

This third millennial generation to inherit a very abundant oil reserves. People haven't thought to burn oil in the tank-vehicle's tank. Cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, and so on the loose and lalu-lalang on the streets of the city, which means every second world oil reserves are dwindling. Likewise with oil consumption in the industry, aircraft, and naval vessels, all of which reduce the oil reserves. On the other side, behind the walls of the campuses and research centers, Center researchers fret thinking what would come to this earth in the FUEL runs out, while civilization has been totally dependent on oil. As the main fuel oil, is an item that cannot be updated. Oil was formed from the remnants of ancient living beings for millions of years, and settles in the bottom of the Earth and the sea. Therefore, sooner or later, the world must live without fuel.

The Crisis

There are allegations that in the decades ahead, oil reserves will be exhausted. Imagine if the situation really occurring. Factories close, single-engined vehicles: cars, motorcycles, boats, helicopters, cruise ships, airplanes, and even spacecraft will only become a junkyard of no use anymore. Economic activity stagnates, tractor-plow tractor could not field, the market closed, power outages, the mobility of the Community shall be at a standstill, the politicians are these, and eventually the world will be chaos, anarchism is strewn everywhere. Concerns surrounding people around the world. Nowadays humans are developing a variety of ways so that the picture doesn't really happen.


There are at least three ways are being developed the various communities in their respective fields, as follows:

The Savings

How it was developed by the economic and political community. Unfortunately, a handful of elite often menyalah-gunakannya as the CCN and the manipulation of financial state. This mechanism is also often used as the main campaign people politics to show a sense of pedulinya to the people.

Search for new fields

Implementing this mechanism is the industrialist and imperalis. They are searching every inch of land, Ocean, sweeping through the extents arid in East-Central Africa, and even tap into the Mainland of Antarctica in the South Pole. What do they do it only for one purpose, namely to find oil fields.

Looking for alternative sources of energy. This is carried out by scientists and scholars behind the walls of their campuses and laboratories. They examine the various types of materials that the possibility could be a new source of fuel. Among them there are innovating to fuel biological, Atomic fuel, and even gas plasma.

It has a lot of effort was held to cultivate alternative sources of energy. So far, it has many sources found. However, among the many that, there hasn't been any alternative that is considered capable of replacing fuel. Among them: BBG, liquid hydrogen, biofuels, and nuclear fusion. In Indonesia and East Asian countries are now encouraged the so-called Blue Sky Program. This Program provides that BBG become as the main alternative FUEL replacements. In addition to more efficient and cheaper, the BBG does not cause heavy pollution. However, the program underwent a major constraint on the infrastructure sector. In addition, there are concerns that the BBG less safe to use, because it is very easy to bereksplosif. So, even though the gas reserves are abundant, the Community consumption less interested.

Other Sources

There is another type of alternative energy sources that have been obtained, the liquid hydrogen. In chemical processes, if hydrogen is reacted with oxygen, it will be produced water and a form of thermal energy (backlash eksoterm). Scientists try to take advantage of the heat energy that can be used to rotate the vehicle's engine and piston on the industry. Alternative sources that one is indeed very good use: safe, effective, and environmentally friendly. The constraints, the fuel production cycle is also involving fuel. To separate hydrogen and oxygen in water compounds, it took a great energy, while the energy obtained by burning fuel. Therefore, in addition to fuel spacecraft rocket boosters, hydrogen is not viable in traditional replacing FUEL for daily consumption

Researchers from the West also has found an extraordinary source of energy in the nucleus. Before World War I, in 1905, Einstein find a conversion material formulations. Einstein found that the quantity of mass can be lost and turned into energy, or vice versa, with a value corresponding to the equation E = mc2. Originally, people assumed the concept is simply empty. pepesan But it cannot be denied, turned out to be the day the more just evidence is obtained that turned out to justify it.

Physicists found that the processes that occur in the nucleus contains conversion material into energy as expressed in Einstein. There are two ways to obtain energy in the nucleus: with the breaking (fission) or with the merger (fusion). In 1934, Leo Szilard introduced the idea of nuclear fission, a few decades later following John a. Wheeler suggested the idea of nuclear fusion to apply to the making of the hydrogen bomb.

Public antipathy towards community studies about atomic energy. The negative image that occurs after ally, the United States and others, in 1945 devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki by atomic bombs, so the end of World War II. Currently scientists continue to develop ways of how to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes. As a result, nuclear fission power has now been widely used for electric power generation. And as the candidate who is very reliable, the fusion of hydrogen, is currently being developed as the main fuel replacement fuel.

In addition, scientists have also been made of the so-called biological fuel or biofuel, and alcohol. All of them look attractive, safe, efficient, and so on, but still there is some kind of constraint that prevented it from. And often times these constraints is the reason why they were not worthy of replacing fuel. It became a severe challenges our generation right now.

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