Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why Should We Be Blogging ?


Blogging more so a spot activity from day to day. With a blog you can divide the life, thoughts or anything interesting to share to your readers. The Blog can make you famous, have fans with thousands of people.
Here I write down some reasons which I think is why we are interested in blogging.

 Free and Easy

The first reason blogging it's because full free. You don't need to spend a single dollar was, in fact you could make the money into the pockets of your account. You don't need to have knowledge of HTML. Easy Blog really started using blogspot or wordpress.

Share Your Minds

About 40% of the total existing blog contrived just to share opinions and thoughts. If you have something you want to be revealed, the blog is a medium of expression. Non-free as you can write just about anything. Starting from hobbies, interests, current topics and other things.

Help Others

If You have knowledge about a specific field, with blogging, you can help others by sharing your experiences such as how to lose weight, how to troubleshoot PC and other sciences.

Improve Your Skills

If you want to improve your writing skills, the best way of blogging. This will definitely help you to reduce errors of spelling and grammatical errors.

Earn Money

Yes! You can make money a lot of blogs. The capital you need is knowledge and strong vigor. Admittedly cursory look easy, but I also don't know how exactly because I have yet to earn money from blogging and I am also not listed in the affiliate programs. How about you?


Blogging is fun. You'll know a lot of things different, get acquainted with other bloggers and forms an extensive network. What are you waiting for? Go there, blogging!

You're Famous!

By Blogging You will be well known and more popular, more and more of you anyway bathwater coffers the money that you can be the result of blogging. But one thing that struck me as no less important in the world of blogging is we will have lots of friends, relatives and others. The more the number of visitors you have, then you will be more well known in the blogging world. Agree?

Develop Your Business

Later, after your blog more and more popular, you will be able to feel the blog could be a media promotion and selling something that is effective. Any business that you get more money, more easily developed via the blog.

Knitting Her Own Network

With the diligent and commented on the blog's best friend, you're systematically develop networking with fellow bloggers and people who have similar interests. You and they can exchange ideas and information.

Generate Feedback

If you've started blogging, then it is the best way to get feedback from others. Note, a blog has a feature where users can comment on each article you write.
Roughly, thus my article about the reasons why someone should be blogging. If you have an interest, start right now !

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  1. I agree on every point...I'm still trying to figure out, how blogging can make money? Please tell me when you crack this code.

  2. Saru,,thx for your response. same of me, im still dont know yet how to get money from blog, let us to try to searching it.

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