Saturday, July 23, 2011

Google Plus Versus Hackers


Google rumored to block some hacker activist account (hacktivist) belongs to the Group Anonymous from Google +. To date, not yet known how and how much the account belongs to the Group Anonymous hacktivist closed by Google.

However, Google + it fishing action Anonymous created their own social networks. Anonymous was then created AnonPlus.

Not only that, also alluded to a number of Anonymous acts of censorship and the abolition of a particular post, which carried out another social networking.

On that page, look a picture resembling a character in the film V for Vendetta. The Film itself was adapted from the character of Guy Fawkes, who was known to be pionor revolutionaries against totalitarianism.

"Welcome to the revolution. (This is) a social Web where there is no fear of censorship, closure, or supervision. Life is what you create, and we're creating, "wrote messages on pages AnonPlus.

"There would be no more oppression. There would be no more tyranny. We are the people and we are Anonymous. We have arrived, "continued the message on the site.

This site itself is still in Alpha version 0.1. Not yet known what form of social networking are made. Currently, there is a new link that is connected to the page's Anonymous forum.

However, the purpose of AnonPlus somewhat technically difficult to do. As quoted from the page the user characteristics, Techspot social networking is split (share) something once given permission, usually, of course, after Indonesia.

Blocking action in the social networking itself back to the forefront after Facebook known to do the censorship against Google +. This happens when a web developer named Michael Lee Johnson posting on Facebook, which promotes Google account + hers.

In a post on Facebook, Michael ask people to add your Google account + into the Circle (the circle). "If you are lucky enough to have a Google account +, add Michael Lee Johnson. An avid Internet, application developers, and Virtuoso technology, "so the contents of post Johnson, as quoted from TechCrunch.

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